Hypoglycemia In Yorkies

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Hypoglycemia In Yorkies

Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is very common in small Yorkie puppies. Young puppies do not have the energy stores developed that adults have, which allow them to maintain an adequate blood glucose (BG) in times of fasting or stress (such as going to a new home).

The physical signs of hypoglycemia include weakness, lethargy, poor appetite, twitching, weakness, collapse, tremoring, seizures and coma. If left untreated, hypoglycemia will be fatal. 

Hypoglycemia may occur after exercise, periods of excitement, or after missing a meal. If your new puppy shows any of these signs, please call us and treat them right away! For a hypoglycemic puppy, we  need to immediately raise it’s blood sugar levels by orally administering glucose or sugar in any form. Our go to sugar source is FortiCal, NutriCal or Corn Syrup.

Most Yorkies outgrow the tendency to have hypoglycemic reactions, but it’s important to control an affected puppy’s blood sugar while its young because untreated hypoglycemia is usually results in death and is the most common killer of small puppies.

Treating & Preventing Hypoglycemia in Tiny Yorkies Puppies

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