Yorkie dental Care

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Yorkie Teeth Care

Dental disease is the most common chronic problem in Yorkies. Unfortunately, your Yorkshire Terrier is more likely than other dogs to have problems with her teeth. Dental disease begins with the build up of bacteria (plaque) on the teeth and gum line. It then progresses to an infection of the gums and roots of the teeth if left untreated. If you don’t prevent or treat dental disease, your Yorkie may lose her teeth and be in danger of damage to her kidneys, liver, heart, and joints. In fact, your Yorkie’s life span may even be cut short by one to three years!

It’s critical to clean your Yorkshire Terrier’s teeth regularly because dental disease can not develop around clean teeth. Daily toothbrushing is best, but wiping the teeth with a dental wipe or with gauze at least every 2–3 days can remove plaque when daily brushing is not possible. 

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